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Frequently Answered Questions


Where are the practices and games held?  All practices and games are held at the JOBL Fields located at the corner of Laura Alice Way and Nelson Drive.  Note:   Laura Alice Way ends at the gates to the JOBL Fields.

Are Birth Certificates required? They are required from new players only.  Show a certified copy to one of the Board Members in the office prior to Opening Day and your child’s registration will be updated that a certificate was seen.

Can photos be posted on the website?  Parents/guardians of children shown in the photo must email a short message giving permission for the photo to be posted.

Are background checks required?  Yes.

What is the procedure for drafting the teams?  JOBL prides itself on creating evenly matched teams.  JOBL does this by working hard to ensure that each and every team is as equal as possible going into each season.  Managers, coaches and league personnel all are involved in the evaluation process where attempts to rate all players as fairly as possible are undertaken.  From there, drafts are conducted.  At the draft, cards are drawn for each round to ensure that each team has a chance to pick first or at least early and the draft is a serpentine draft.  Only a manager's child(s) and one coaches' child(s) are automatically placed on a team.  All other players are then chosen following procedures set out in Section 13 under Team Selection found in the 2021 League Rules.  What we are trying to accomplish is to make sure each team has the same amount of each category of players. 

Can I Sponsor a Team?  Please contact Debbie Robinson via email to for information

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