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Spring Season 2021 update 2/25/2021

Feb 25, 2021 6:11 PM
Mark Northrup

Greetings JOBL parents, player and fans.   There is a light at the end of the COVID tunnel, and it looks like we are fast approaching being able to play baseball again.

We are moving forward assuming we will be able to play sometime in March.  Our website is accepting registrations, and you have the ability to either pay in full or set up payments.  Should the unthinkable happen, and this season is also lost to COVID, JOBL would once again return your registration.

The guidelines below are from the State of California.  Contra Costa County has previously said they would follow state guidelines.   The current protocol is the County must have less than 14 per 100,000 COVID patients.   As of Monday, Contra Costa was at 14 and all leading indicators dictate that that number will continue to decrease.

Regardless, JOBL has reached out to a Senior Official at the County Health Department to procure County guidelines and procedures for our league to safely open for games.  Once we have that response, we will post it on our website.

JOBL appreciates everyone’s patience.   We cannot wait to “Play Ball” again!

Please see the full set of guidelines below:


General Requirements for All Sports:

Irrespective of setting (outdoor or indoor) case rate or sport played, the following general guidance requirements must be adhered to at all times:

  • Face coverings to be worn when not participating in the activity (e.g., on the sidelines).
  • Face coverings to be worn by coaches, support staff and observers at all times, and in compliance with the CDPH Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings.
  • Observers maintain at least 6 feet from non-household members.
  • No sharing of drink bottles and other personal items and equipment.
  • Mixing with other households prior to and post any practice or competition must strictly adhere to current gathering guidance.
  • Limit indoor sports activities (practice, conditioning) to comply with capacity limits (which shall include all athletes, coaches, and observers) indicated in current CDPH Gym & Fitness Center Guidance Capacity.
  • Associated indoor activities for the team (e.g., dinners, film study) are prohibited if engaged in competition given evidence that transmission is more likely to occur in these indoor higher risk settings.
  • Teams must not participate in out-of-state games and tournaments; several multistate outbreaks have been reported around the nation, including California residents.

Limitations on Observers

  • Limit observation of youth sports (age 18 years and under) to immediate household members, and for the strict purpose of age appropriate supervision.  This includes observation of practice and competition.  Limit number of observers to ensure physical distance can be maintained, reduce potential crowding, and maintain indoor and outdoor capacity limits.
  • Consider Video streaming of games so that they can be watched "live" from home
  • For adult sports, spectators are not permitted at this time.

Limitations for Inter-Team Competitions and Tournaments

  • Inter-team competitions, meets, races, or similar events are permitted to occur only if (a) both teams are located in the same county and the sport is authorized in the Tables below; or (b) teams are located in immediately bordering counties and the sport is authorized in both counties in the Tables below. 
    • The county-based authorizations outlined in the Table below apply to the locations/counties in which the teams, schools, clubs, leagues, and similar organizations are functionally based (e.g., where the players reside, where facilities are located, etc.).
    • Local Health Departments to be notified of any cross county competitions within their jurisdiction and reserve the right under their own discretion to deny the competition at any time in their jurisdiction.  Teams participating in cross county competitions will follow the more stringent rules if the participating teams are coming from counties that may be at different case rate thresholds. 
  • Teams adhere to current CDPH Travel Advisory recommendations when determining travel for competition in neighboring counties. 
  • No tournaments or events that involve more than two teams to occur. Exceptions may be made, with authorization from the local health department where the event is being held and each of the local health departments where teams originate from, for sports where individual competitors from multiple teams are routine such as: track and field; cross-country; golf; skiing/snowboarding; tennis; swimming/diving/surfing; biking and equestrian events.
  • Only one competition, per team, per day maximum to be played. 

Permitted Youth and Recreational Adult Sports by Case Rate Threshold

  • Physical conditioning, practice, skill-building, and training that can be conducted outdoors, with 6 feet of physical distancing, and within stable cohorts are authorized regardless of case rate or sport. Such activities may be conducted indoors consistent with restrictions by Tier in the Gym & Fitness Center Guidance Capacity.

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